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Behavioral Health Integration

Behavioral health and physical health services have long been separated as different treatments for patients, even though the human system is interconnected. Currently, patients seek behavioral health or psychiatric services within a PCP visit because PCPs are screening, educating and breaking down the stigma of behavioral health services. Behavioral health integration (BHI) aims to treat the whole patient. The information below provides current resources to plan, set up and understand the impact and outcomes your patients and care team will experience when utilizing this model.


SBIRT Training Presentation

Research and Data

Facilitating Practice Transformation in Frontline Health Care – 2019 Quality Improvement in Primary Care - External Supports for Practices – 2014 Impact of Practice Facilitation in Primary Care on Chronic Disease Care Processes and Outcomes – 2018 Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis of Practice Facilitation Within Primary Care Settings – 2012 Costs and Utilization Reports – 2018 Colorado State Innovation Model – 2020 Association of Integrated Team-Based Care with Healthcare Quality Utilization and Cost – 2016

Care Delivery Models

Creating a PCBH Model - 2018 Quality Improvement and transformation processes within PCMH - 2017

Integrative Care, Measures & Coding

Diabetes Care For Clients In Behavioral Health Treatment - 2013 AMA’s Coding Sheets for BHI – 2019 HEDIS Adult Key Behavioral Health Measures – 2020

Additional Links to Resources, Podcasts & Videos

PCBH Corner with Larry Mauksch: Episode 13 Beginnings with Integrated Care The Role of a Behavioral Scientist Patient-Centered Communication The Importance of Research with Integrated Behavioral Health The Future of Integrated Behavioral Health Providers Hopes for the Future of Integrated Behavioral Health


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Behavioral Health Integration


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