Helping schools support students’ success and well-being

When it comes to student life, no problem is too big or too small to need a little guidance. That’s why WellConnect offers confidential, voluntary counseling and resource referral services to students and their household members. The program is specifically designed to help students manage and improve their mental health as they work to achieve their academic and career goals. By providing colleges and universities with comprehensive services to support student wellness, WellConnect also improves retention, mitigates risk and can help schools comply with accreditation standards.

Caring for students, together.

Dedicated Support Line

In-the-moment support
Students can connect with a counselor regarding any issue – big or small – by calling the WellConnect line. Professionals are available 24/7 to listen and find solutions.

Request Contact Tool

Open All the Time, Online
We’re a mobile society, and problems do not always wait for daytime hours. That’s why we enable students to use their WellConnect login to conveniently request contact from the convenience of their computer or personal device.

Assessment and Referrals

Find the right solution for you
Getting pointed in the right direction can be a challenge when you’re dealing with something new. Our experts lead students to the counseling, legal, financial or community resources/services they need for any life challenges they face.

Short-term Counseling

Help from a Professional
There is something encouraging about having someone there to listen when life throws you a curve. Students have access to face-to-face or telephonic counseling through our network of licensed counselors.

Faculty & Administrator Support

FAST (Faculty Administrator Support Team) Line
Faculty and staff have unlimited access to confidential consultation on any student problem or concern. The FAST line is a 24/7 dedicated number, staffed by senior clinical consultants who are specifically equipped to provide high-level consultation and response.

Dedicated Account Management

The Personal Touch
Different organizations and people have different needs. Our dedicated account liaisons work with you to manage your account by providing ongoing consultation together with program evaluation.

Crisis Management

When you aren’t sure where to turn
If your students experience trauma, our Crisis Management Program can help them get back to a regular routine. With extensive experience in supporting schools dealing with serious on-site accidents, campus deaths, the WellConnect Response Team can be on-site or provide the appropriate coping and recovery tools.

In the event of a crisis, we can provide:

  • Custom consult on the situation to determine the best approach to coping and recovery
  • One-on-one and group support for those experiencing a severe reaction to trauma
  • A structured critical-incident stress debriefing
  • Tip sheets based on incident
  • Follow-up to evaluate the need for any additional support
Utilization Reports

Your Use of Our Care
We monitor and inform you on a quarterly basis of your organization’s program use, so you can ensure that your students and your institution are getting the most out of the program.

Online Tools and Resources
At any time, from any location, students can access resources designed to help them understand, manage and improve their health. Our robust website features articles, health assessments and tools on a range of topics including budgeting, study skills, stress, parenting, relationships and more.

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