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Employee Assistance Program (EAP)

Personal and workplace challenges can negatively affect wellness—which can then affect job performance. The New Directions Employee Assistance Program (EAP) offers your employees and their loved ones free, confidential access to the programs and services they need to increase their happiness and healthiness.

For EAP individuals seeking assistance, please call the helpline at 800-624-5544 or log in using the button on the top of the page.

The following robust list of features includes standard components of the New Directions EAP.
These elements work together to cover all the bases for you and your co-workers.

Dedicated Helpline

The Open Hand
Trouble can arise at any time. Employees have round-the-clock access to licensed behavioral health professionals via a toll-free line.

Session Request Tool

Open All the Time, Online
We’re a mobile society, and problems do not always wait for business hours. That’s why we enable employees to use their EAP login to conveniently complete a referral for an EAP session with the provider of their choice, from the privacy and convenience of their computer or mobile device.

Assessment and Referrals

Finding the Right Solution for You
Getting pointed in the right direction can be a challenge when you’re dealing with something new. Our experts lead employees to the counseling, health plan, legal, financial or community services they need for any life challenges they face.

Work-Life Resources

A Personal Assistant for Employees
Some problems that don't seem serious can affect work-life balance. Smaller issues like transportation, childcare, or sleeplessness create imbalances that take a toll over time. Our EAP team can handle concerns of any size or subject. Think of us as a personal assistant for each one of your employees.

Short-term Counseling

Help from a Professional
There is something encouraging about having someone there to listen when life throws you a curve. Different obstacles require different courses of action, and important choices can be difficult. For life challenges that may not be chronic, employees and their families can receive custom counseling for each individual challenge. Counseling can be provided face-to-face , via phone, text/video message or in-the-moment depending on what a company offers. Digital behavioral health tools (online mood tracking and custom education) can also be part of an employee's journey to better health.

Manager/Supervisor Tools

Matching Challenges with Solutions
Managing staff can be a difficult responsibility. That’s why we offer telephone coaching, education, training and Formal Management Referrals (FMRs) to help supervisors deal with employee performance challenges. Additionally, virtual and live training opportunities are available to improve your staff’s skill sets.
The Online Managers Forum is easily accessed in the EAP section. The managers’ toolkit is a section of this online forum which includes supervisor videos, HR training videos, documents needed to complete formal management referrals, an online copy of the supervisory manual, a depression toolkit and an online directory of all of the training opportunities available. Available articles focus on hot topic items like change management, leadership strategies, performance evaluation strategies, stress reduction and more.

Organizational Training

Empower Your Employees to Power Your Business
When your main asset is your people, nothing is more important for your business than keeping them happy, healthy and productive. New Directions’ training modules apply modern adult learning theories to educating your people. The modules are generally included in your current EAP contract at no additional charge. The techniques we teach and tools we provide can pay huge dividends in your employees’ personal and professional relationships.

Crisis Management

Professional Solutions for Perilous Times
If your employees experience a critical incident, our Crisis Management Program can help them get back to a regular routine. With extensive experience in supporting organizations dealing with serious on-site accidents, workplace deaths, robberies and terrorism, an expert from the New Directions Response team can be on-site in the days following a critical incident.

Depending on the circumstances at hand, member organizations can expect New Directions to provide the following types of services:

  • 24-hour phone access to licensed clinicians experienced in assisting traumatic situations
  • One-on-one support for those experiencing a severe reaction to trauma
  • A structured critical incident stress debriefing
  • Presentations on post traumatic stress
  • Follow-up to evaluate the need for any additional support
Department of Transportation Substance Abuse Program

Cruising to Compliance
For workers and employers subject to Department of Transportation (DOT) regulations, safety is the top priority. Employers are required to conform to federal regulations and maintain a drug- and alcohol-free workplace. New Directions can help, providing guidance, treatment, return to work recommendations, and plans for follow-up testing. Our care managers meet and surpass the qualifications for a Substance Abuse Professional (SAP) in federal guidelines.

Dedicated Account Management

The Personal Touch
Different organizations and people have different needs. Our dedicated account liaisons work with you to manage your account by providing ongoing consultation, together with program evaluation, promotional materials and support.

Utilization Reports

Your Use of Our Care
We monitor and inform you on a regular basis of your organization's service use, so you can ensure that your employees and your business are getting the most out of the program.

Online Tools and Resources

Spreading the Word
At any time, from any location, employees can access several resources designed to help them understand, manage and improve their health. Our resources include legal support and family resource services, work and life wellness materials, an online stress toolkit, relationship resources and promotional materials for employer use and education. Counseling can also be a digital experience, offered via text and video messaging and supplemented with digital behavioral health tools.

Life Coaching

Best Advice for Your Best Self
We’ve all read articles telling us what’s good for us and what’s bad for us. Diet trends seem to change like the wind. New Directions is here to guide you with evidence-based advice for making healthier choices. Guidance is crucial in building and maintaining a healthy lifestyle. Our experts provide individual input and advice to employees for health, wellness and lifestyle improvements. This element is not a standard part of the EAP, and must be added to your plan.

Navigate & Connect Simplifying access to behavioral healthcare

Navigate & Connect offers a member-centric behavioral healthcare solution to identify, engage and connect members across the behavioral health spectrum to the right care. Advanced analytics, technology enabled direct scheduling and a suite of proven clinical programs enable New Directions Care Navigators to enhance reach, speed to care and access to a robust network of behavioral health providers.

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Coordinated Behavioral Health

Making It All Work Together
The path to well-being starts here. With a comprehensive program customized to your organization’s challenges and goals, we will make certain that your individuals have access to the help they need. Ensuring that behavioral health progress works together with physical health care treatment for a coordinated, whole-person approach, is what we do best.

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Student Assistance Program

Helping Schools and Students Work Better Together
Designed specifically for students’ unique needs, this program offers comprehensive care and tools for student life. Students today juggle schoolwork, deadlines, finances, jobs, peer pressure, homesickness, social engagements and high expectations.

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Life Coaching

Best Advice for Your Best Self
Change can be difficult—even when it’s for the better. Our professional health coaches have the training and experience to help you with stress management, tobacco cessation, weight management and other challenges that may be negatively affecting the well-being of the people who make up your organization.

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