Pioneering a New Approach to Behavioral Health—Together

Quality Improvement

New Directions Behavioral Health Quality Improvement Program

We are committed to finding ways to improve the care and service that our members receive from us and from our provider network. That's why every year, New Directions evaluates our Quality Improvement and Utilization Management programs. And we are excited to share some of our most recent achievements and opportunities.

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Each year we randomly select a significant sample of enrollees to survey about their satisfaction with our services. Year after year, we are happy to report high satisfaction rates amongst our members with the overall quality of the services offered by New Directions. Over 86 percent of members responding to our Satisfaction Survey said they were satisfied with New Directions' services.

We also survey our providers to learn how we can improve our working relationship. In August 2013, New Directions implemented a new electronic submission and utilization management portal called WebPass. WebPass increased provider communication of admission and discharge information to ensure needed services are being offered during the current episode of care. This allows care managers to reach out earlier during the inpatient stay and work with the facilities and members to shape discharge plans that meet the member’s needs. Based on provider feedback, enhancements were made to WebPass in 2014 to improve provider satisfaction. Consistently, our providers have reported high rates of satisfaction with our overall services.

Call Center

The Call Center responded to member and provider calls in less than 30 seconds of the call coming in. Less than 5 percent of calls were ended by the caller before connecting with a New Directions staff member.

Network of Providers

Members consistently report that they are satisfied with access to providers. This satisfaction highlights the variety and breadth of providers available to our members.


Member satisfaction with the choice of appointment times available is a priority. Our goals are to ensure that members are satisfied at least 90 percent of the time with the choice of appointment times available; that members are able to get urgent care appointments within 24 hours at least 95 percent of the time; and emergency care is offered immediately 100 percent of the time. New Directions continuously works with our provider networks to improve member satisfaction with availability of appointments.

Preventative Health

Adult Depression

We encourage members diagnosed with depression for the first time to schedule three follow-up visits with a psychiatrist and/or psychotherapist within the first 84 days after diagnosis. Research shows that the combination of medication and psychotherapy leads to optimal patient improvement. With the help of this program, members with depression more frequently reported taking medications as prescribed.

Behavioral Health Screening Program

In addition to initial diagnosis and treatment for Major Depression, New Directions also promotes preventative screening of members admitted for substance abuse for coexisting depression. The New Directions Behavioral Health Screening Programs (BHSP) are designed to assist members in early identification of potential disorders and to direct members to the appropriate assessment and levels of care. A second new BHSP focuses on early detection of diabetes for members with bipolar and schizophrenia taking antipsychotic medications.

Juvenile Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD)

We work with members and providers to promote appropriate diagnosis and follow-up care for children with ADHD. We recommend establishment of a comprehensive treatment plan that includes both options of behavior and medication management. If the child is taking medication, we recommend a return visit for medication management within 30 days of the initial prescription, and two additional visits within the next nine months for newly prescribed medication management. In both areas, we continue to send members and providers educational materials to help improve outcomes.

Bipolar Disorder Coaching and Education Program

The Bipolar Program is offered to all newly diagnosed members. Enrolled members can opt to receive educational materials and participate in the Life Coaching program. Members newly diagnosed with bipolar disorder are also encouraged to have a follow-up visit every 1-2 weeks for the first six weeks after initial diagnosis.

Alcohol Resource Center

New Directions developed a range of educational materials related to alcoholism. These resources were designed to help motivate members to discover ways to help themselves in the privacy of their own homes. Self-paced guidebooks and in-depth articles ranging from prevention to treatment allow members to manage the disease themselves and mitigate the need for in-patient treatment.

Autism Resource Center

When members have tools at their fingertips, they can educate themselves in the comfort of their own homes. In our Autism Resource Center, members can explore materials that discuss everything from diagnosis to daily life. Many aspects related to living with autism can be mediated by being properly informed. Having these articles and guidebooks available gives members a place to research, learn and find answers to their questions.

Reducing Readmissions

New Directions developed a member-centric care management program targeted at helping providers and members understand the importance of post-hospitalization aftercare, increase the scheduling and attendance of post-discharge follow-up appointments within seven days, and increase member understanding, participation and adherence to their treatment plan.

Visit our Health Resources to read articles and self-paced guidebooks on the above Preventative Health topics.