Navigate & Connect

Simplifying access to behavioral healthcare

Navigate & Connect

Navigate & Connect offers a member-centric behavioral healthcare solution to identify, navigate and connect members across the behavioral health spectrum to the right care. Advanced analytics, technology enabled direct scheduling and a suite of proven clinical programs enable New Directions care navigators to quickly access a robust network of high-quality behavioral health providers.

There’s an increased need for mental healthcare...

4 out of 10 individuals experience symptoms of anxiety and depression

2.7x the symptoms of anxiety and depression in adults vs. pre‑pandemic

29% increase in overdoses year over year

...yet individuals continue to face barriers to access

1 in 3 worry about the stigma of receiving mental health services

46% of individuals don’t know where to go to receive services

34% of people with private insurance have difficulty finding a therapist

Navigate & Connect

Inbound & outbound engagement powered by advanced analytics

Member front door with clinician engagement for complex & at-risk needs

Comprehensive access to behavioral health resource suite

A member-centric approach

Expands access to
behavioral health services

Facilitates speed to care by enabling real‑time, tech‑enabled direct scheduling

Drives quality outcomes
through measurement-based care

Proactively engages members
and reduces stigma

Engages members in comprehensive,
evidence-based screenings

Matches member demand
for care with provider capacity

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