Navigate & Connect

Simplifying access to behavioral healthcare

Navigate & Connect

Navigate & Connect offers a member-centric behavioral healthcare solution to identify, navigate and connect members across the behavioral health spectrum to the right care. Advanced analytics, technology enabled direct scheduling and a suite of proven clinical programs enable New Directions care navigators to quickly access a robust network of high-quality behavioral health providers.

There’s an increased need for mental healthcare...

4 out of 10 individuals experience symptoms of anxiety and depression

2.7x the symptoms of anxiety and depression in adults vs. pre‑pandemic

29% increase in overdoses year over year

...yet individuals continue to face barriers to access

1 in 3 worry about the stigma of receiving mental health services

46% of individuals don’t know where to go to receive services

34% of people with private insurance have difficulty finding a therapist

Navigate & Connect

Inbound & outbound engagement powered by advanced analytics

Member front door with clinician engagement for complex & at-risk needs

Comprehensive access to behavioral health resource suite

A member-centric approach

Expands access to
behavioral health services

Facilitates speed to care by enabling real‑time, tech‑enabled direct scheduling

Drives quality outcomes
through measurement-based care

Proactively engages members
and reduces stigma

Engages members in comprehensive,
evidence-based screenings

Matches member demand
for care with provider capacity

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Additional behavioral health solutions

Coordinated Behavioral Health

Making It All Work Together
The path to well-being starts here. With a comprehensive program customized to your organization’s challenges and goals, we will make certain that your individuals have access to the help they need. Ensuring that behavioral health progress works together with physical health care treatment for a coordinated, whole-person approach, is what we do best.

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Employee Assistance Program (EAP)

Hand in Hand
Personal and workplace challenges can negatively affect wellness—which can then affect job performance. Our EAP gives your employees and their loved ones free, confidential access to the resources and services they need to increase and maintain their happiness and health, whether or not challenges arise.

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Student Assistance Program

Helping Schools and Students Work Better Together
Designed specifically for students’ unique needs, this program offers comprehensive care and tools for student life. Students today juggle schoolwork, deadlines, finances, jobs, peer pressure, homesickness, social engagements and high expectations.

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Life Coaching

Best Advice for Your Best Self
Change can be difficult—even when it’s for the better. Our professional health coaches have the training and experience to help you with stress management, tobacco cessation, weight management and other challenges that may be negatively affecting the well-being of the people who make up your organization.

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