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Student Assistance Program

One need only pick up a newspaper to get acquainted with the many reasons students need behavioral health support. Traditional student support groups, such as departments of student affairs, generally do not have the bandwidth to address significant behavioral health concerns, and yet that is often where students go for resolution of struggles with anxiety, depression or alienation.

For Student Assistance Program individuals seeking assistance, please call the helpline at 855-340-6487 or log in using the button on the top of the page.

The Student Assistance Program is essentially the student version of our EAP.

Dedicated Helpline

The Open Hand
Trouble can arise at any time. Students have round-the-clock access to licensed behavioral health professionals via a toll-free line.

Session Request Tool

Open All the Time, Online
We’re a mobile society, and problems do not always wait for business hours. That’s why we enable students to use their EAP login to conveniently complete a referral for a Student Assistance Program session with the provider of their choice from the convenience of their computer or personal device.

Assessment and Referrals

Finding the Right Solution for You
Getting pointed in the right direction can be a challenge when you’re dealing with something new. Our experts lead students to the counseling, health plan, legal, financial or community services they need for any life challenges they face.

Short-term Counseling

Help from a Professional
There is something encouraging about having someone there to listen when life throws you a curve. Different obstacles require different courses of action, and important choices can be difficult. For life challenges that may not be chronic, employees and their families can receive custom counseling for each individual challenge.

Administration Tools

Matching Challenges with Solutions
Managing students can be a difficult responsibility. That’s why we offer education, training and Student/Leader phone consultation to help administrators deal with student life challenges.

Dedicated Account Management

The Personal Touch
Different organizations and people have different needs. Our dedicated account liaisons work with you to manage your account by providing ongoing consultation together with program evaluation.

Crisis Management

Professional Solutions for Perilous Times
If your students experience a critical incident, our Crisis Management Program can help them get back to a regular routine. With extensive experience in supporting organizations dealing with serious on-site accidents, campus deaths, robberies and terrorism, the New Directions Response Team will be on-site following a critical incident.

In the event of a critical incident, we provide:

  • One-on-one and group support for those experiencing a severe reaction to trauma
  • A structured critical-incident stress debriefing
  • Presentations on post-traumatic stress
  • Follow-up to evaluate the need for any additional support
Utilization Reports

Your Use of Our Care
We monitor and inform you on a quarterly basis of your organization’s program use, so you can ensure that your students and your institution are getting the most out of the program.

Online Tools and Resources

Spreading the Word
At any time, from any location, students can access several resources designed to help them understand, manage and improve their health. Our resources include legal support and family resource services, study and life wellness materials, relationship resources and promotional materials for administrator use and education.

Health Coaching

Best Advice for Your Best Self
We’ve all read articles telling us what’s good for us and what’s bad for us. Diet trends seem to change like the wind. New Directions is here to guide you with evidence-based advice for making healthier choices. Guidance is crucial in building and maintaining a healthy lifestyle. Our experts provide individual input and advice to students for health, wellness and lifestyle improvements. This element is not a standard part of the Student Assistance Program, and must be added to your plan.

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