Honing your Skill Sets

Performance Solutions

A collaborative and supportive work environment is a cornerstone for strengthening employee performance. New Directions offers a unique perspective on your workplace environment to assist in everything from creating the ideal employee handbook to preventing violence in the workplace. This service complements the training you offer your employees and is customized to your company’s needs. Performance Solutions offers unbiased support for “troubled” employees, enhancing your ability to implement effective policy and practice that complies with labor laws. A Fitness for Duty (FFD) exam is available to provide clear objectives and recommendations whenever a staff member presents you with a psychological or safety concern.

For EAP individuals seeking assistance, please call the helpline at 800-624-5544 or log in using the button on the top of the page.

The list below shows the component services included in the Performance Solutions service.

Risk Mitigation

When You Need a Fair Witness
We serve as an unbiased third party to help manage HR risk situations in your organization. Examples of these include risky behaviors by a staff member or a team. We help your business return to compliance and policy adherence. We assist with analyzing the site and writing reports, developing policies and ensuring compliance with labor laws. Examples of training in this area may include:

  • Harassment, Discrimination, Workplace Conflict and Diversity Interventions
  • Harassment/Discrimination Claims Investigations
  • Fitness for Duty Assessments
  • ADA and FMLA Second Opinions
  • Individualized Coaching as it relates to the above situations
Training and Development

Here, There and Everywhere
Our training and development programs are delivered through webinars, in-person, and classroom style. These sessions are a light touch to fill a specific, targeted training need, instead of an exhaustive program to train the entire organization.

Foundational training is available, but each course or series is customized to the client’s needs and goals. Few training sessions are alike. Some of our most popular classes include:

  • Cultural Competence and Diversity
  • How to Avoid Harassment and Discrimination in the Workplace
  • Drugs and Alcohol in the Workplace
  • Enhancing Your Workplace Culture
  • Productivity
  • High Performing Teams
  • Facilitating Effective Meetings
  • Effective Performance Evaluations
On-Site Organizational Services

Showing Up for Your Business
Organizational services may include strategic planning with a board, project team development, surveys, program design, planning retreats, or other specific solutions. This is a longer process and is more involved than our light-touch training. We bring more focus to broad-based organizational growth, including planning and evaluation. Performance Solutions provides interventions, training and developmental services on-site. These are offered on either an hourly fee or a project fee basis, dependent on employer need.

  • Team Assessment and Functioning
  • Leadership Development
  • Harassment and Discrimination Investigations and Interventions
  • Talent Development
  • Culture Surveys and Assessments
  • Staff Surveys and Assessments
  • Conflict Resolution
  • Succession Planning
  • Team Building, Facilitation and Development
  • Reward/Recognition and Retention Assessments and Projects
  • Project Design and Management

Enhancing Your Problem-solving Abilities
These brief, solution-focused and relational discussions can help your staff member improve upon their innate skills, thereby improving their performance results. Performance Coaching is provided to staff to eliminate gaps in development or performance, enhance professional skills and resolve workplace performance issues. Executive Coaching is provided to help executives perform at the level their organization requires. All coaching includes a detailed report for your business to complete the developmental process.

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