New Directions ramps up emotional support services amidst COVID-19 pandemic

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McKenzie Cordell
(816) 994-1531
OVERLAND PARK, Kan. – May 6, 2020 – New Directions Behavioral Health, which supports millions of individuals and families with mental health and substance use services, is stepping up to help those in need of emotional support during the current coronavirus pandemic. This year, the company is celebrating 25 years of serving members across the nation – at a time when mental health is receiving more attention than ever before. In addition to helping its clients and members through difficult times, the company is posting public resources on its website. “Stay-at-home orders are impacting everyone. The constraints around normal activity and the narrowing of our social interactions can cause people to feel extremely isolated,” said Andrea Auxier, Ph.D., a clinical psychologist and chief commercial officer for New Directions. “The general uncertainty about what our daily lives will look like is affecting our sense of predictability, which can cause anxiety as well as exacerbate other mental health conditions. That’s why taking care of ourselves emotionally and mentally is just as important as taking care of ourselves physically.” Helping employers support employees A regular provider of Employee Assistance Program (EAP) and managed behavioral health services, the company is also offering a new inexpensive solution to help employers who are suddenly in need of more support than they currently have. The Emotional Support Program covers gaps in mental health support for employees with counseling and other resources through the end of 2020. “We’ve been helping employers support the well-being of their workforces for 25 years, so it makes sense for us to offer a flexible solution for companies who are scrambling to give their employees access to the care they need during this unprecedented time,” said Auxier. Interested organizations can contact to learn more and get set up with New Directions services almost immediately. Mental Health Month There’s no better time for Mental Health Month to kick off than now, when the nation is facing an unfamiliar challenge. Every year in May, New Directions promotes Mental Health Month to spread awareness, reduce the stigma and encourage anyone who may be struggling to get help. This year, the company has put together a Mental Health Month toolkit of shareable video, posters, articles and tips to inspire others to #checkin on their family, friends and themselves. In partnership with health plans, employers, universities and other organizations in the behavioral health community, New Directions helps millions of people recognize warning signs, know what to say, learn healthy habits and ask for help when they need it. “Mental health has been a topic that has been largely ignored due to stigma,” said Auxier. “Too often, people are afraid to ask for help. Sometimes they don’t know how to ask, or when they do, it’s impossible to find. We are trying to remove all of those barriers so that taking care of ourselves, our loved ones and our society includes all aspects of what it means to be human, including our mental health.” About New Directions Behavioral Health Founded in 1995, New Directions helps people live healthy, balanced lives. The healthcare company provides managed behavioral health services, an Employee Assistance Program, Student Assistance Program, organizational consulting and health coaching to private and public health plans, Fortune 100 companies, large and medium employers and labor groups. New Directions is one of the fastest-growing behavioral healthcare companies in the industry, more than doubling its membership in the last five years to include over 16 million members. < Back