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Tools to Build a Better You.

Personal and workplace challenges can negatively affect your wellness. The Employee Assistance Program has the tools and resources designed to help you overcome life challenges that can affect your health, family life or job performance. The tools in this section can help you and your loved ones begin to address those challenges. Here, you’ll find completely free, entirely confidential access to the counseling, programs, tools and services you need to live a balanced and happy life.

“I felt myself unraveling. Overwhelmed with juggling career, kids, marriage and health, I knew I needed help. For the first time, I found someone who really listened to me – and helped me navigate life. I’m so thankful for this company benefit.”

Mastering the Principles of Positive Thinking

You can learn to think positively, and doing so can lead to greater self-confidence, more respect for others and achievement of your goals.

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Mindfulness Matters: Can Living in the Moment Improve Your Health?

At some point in your life, someone probably told you: "Enjoy every moment. Life is short." Maybe you've smiled and rolled your eyes at this well-intentioned relative or co-worker. But the fact is, there's something to it. Trying to enjoy each moment may actually be good for your health.

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